Terms & Conditions

This policy should be read thoroughly and you must understand and agree with the stated conditions before proceeding to purchase any goods or order anything from the website. 

Please also refer to https://www.theskatestore.co.uk/pages/returns-delivery-policy for details on our returns, exchanges and deliveries policy.

We (The SKATE Store) is ran and operated by myself Preet Johal (Company Director) and my partner Lena Eklund (Company Secretary).
We are a private limited company with the trading name of Trend Hanley LTD registered with Companies House.
We operate our website under the name of The Skate Store.

VAT Number
: 592549207
Company Number:4713152
Address: Unit 8 Piccadilly Arcade, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1DL
Email: theskatestore@outlook.com 

All orders placed by you on our website, goods purchased in store or orders by phone (or if someone purchased on your behalf with your permission) are on the basis of accepting the Terms and Conditions as stated above. Orders/purchases are subject to acceptance by us either (as applicable): (i) by the delivery of the goods to you by courier or collection point/depot; or (ii) by ourselves (staff at The Skate Store) providing the goods to you by hand in our brick and mortar store at the sales counter, only then do we enter into a legally binding contract as retailer and consumer. Please note that legal acceptance of your order is not binding by the payment and/or placing order online or in store, it only becomes a legal binding contract by the exchange of goods to your hand (or by courier collection point/depot) and after your successful payment has been accepted by The Skate Store.

Age Of Purchase
You must be 18 years of age or over in order to put through an order through our website or by phone. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer student discount but we will continue to do other offers and sales so please keep checking back or subscribe to us to keep up to date with he SKATE Store.

We at The Skate Store will not hold any responsibility for any damage, injury or worse when using a product bought from us so please take proper care!
By purchasing from The Skate Store you agree to use the item at YOUR OWN RISK! When using skates, skateboards, scooters, longboards, heelys and other similar items it is very much advised to stay away from busy traffic and roads.

We do always recommend wearing the appropriate protection gear; such as Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wristguards, Mouthguard e.t.c.

We definitely want you to have fun but we'd hate it if you got yourself injured by not taking precautions. That's fair right?! :)

Thank you

Keep a positive skate of mind!

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