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Hello, Hi, Hey, Ay Up! 


Firstly THANK YOU for checking out our new website. We hope you are liking what you are clicking and seeing.
We are still constantly working on it and adding new products, so please keep checking back with us.
You can also check out our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/theskatestore1/

Who are we?
Technically we are still a brick and mortar shop called Trend Hanley, but our online store is called The Skate Store.
We are based in Hanley Stoke-on-Trent and have been based here for over 25 years!
Wow that is a long time!

What Do We Sell?
We have a wide stock range consisting of Skates, Skateboards, Longboards, Heelys, Scooters, protection gear and more....
I used to make up custom Bauer Turbo skates in my Dad's shop. It was really fun to make then all different to people's references.

Our Story
So way before websites and apps my Dad used to own and run the business which was called Dignity (way back then), remember Bauer Turbo skates with two tone sims wheels and cheese blocks? Oh i'm SOOO old haha. So after many years of grafting 7 days a week tirelessly he (my Dad) decided to wind down and retire. So in April 2014 myself and my partner in crime and life (not crime!) officially took over the business. YIKES!
It took a while to get our heads around being business owners but now we are settled in and excited about the future and having this website live is a big step for us. Join us on our journey! 
Being an independant business isn't easy to run (especially when you have a family with THREE GIRLS!) :) but with loyal customers like yourselves supporting us we will remain strong, we THANK YOU again!


Personal Profiles
Hi, i'm Preet (company owner and director), now a Daddy myself to three gorgeous daughters (ages 3, 5 and 7 at time of writing). They are hard work but they are my life. Yes before you ask I am trying to turn them all into skaters! Just give me time! My eldest daughter is quite skillful on her Heelys now, videos to come on the YouTube channel. 
I have always had a love of skating I had my first pair of skates when I was 6. I was the shyest and skinniest kid ever, so sport wasn't my strongest point (as in I wasn't really picked for sports and such at school, sad face!) but I always enjoyed skating. When my parents had shops in Stoke, Longton and most recently Hanley I used to be there (in a supportive capacity of course, not working I.E.child labour lol) I just used to go around town skating, I loved it. I always used to skate fast and try to be nippy and agile. This has let me to be where I am now. 

Do I Skate Now?
Short answer? Yes!
Long Answer? *not so long*
I realised recently (2 years, not so recent) about the fantastic sport of roller derby through a few local customers (honourable mention - Benjamin Haslehurst AKA Sticky Wings). He told me about the sport and that I should attend a training session and try it, so I did. As it turned out 


I loved it and I got hooked straight away, as do most people when they start roller derby (you should google your local roller derby team too!).

Things have gone from strength to strength for me with roller derby, as well as stocking more and more roller derby goodies on the website (and in store), I have joined the Crash Test Brummies who are a higher ranked team. It is a big step but it's so exciting. We are hoping to continue with this growth with The SKATE Store website. Lots of changes happening. We want you to be part of our journey and have a positive skate of mind!










Contact Information

Address: Unit 1 Piccadilly Arcade, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1DL

Phone: 01782280188

Opening times: Monday - Closed, Tuesday to Saturday 10am til 5pm, Sunday Closed (Sundays in December we're open 11-4pm)


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